Mayhem & Mystery: For Junior Sleuths!

May 6, 2023

4651 Washington St. Extension, Wilmington, DE 19802

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    "Malice in Wonderland!" - Outdoor family scavenger hunt for stolen tarts and other items!  

    Calling all junior sleuths! Alice, the Mad Hatter, and others from Wonderland have descended on Rockwood. Follow the leads, discover secret locations of this grand estate and catch the thief red-handed. Did the White Rabbit steal the Queen's tarts and get caught in the Gazebo? Did the Door Mouse snatch the Mad Hatter's hat and get caught in the Conservatory, or did the Queen run off with a teapot in a garden? Groups (excellent for families) will have the opportunity to search outside locations to discover whoddunnit after viewing the "scene of the crime." The game starts inside the museum but all clues are found outdoors-dress appropriately. Bring a picnic!   

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