Light Installations by Bruce Munro

June 30, 2022 - October 30, 2022

1001 Longwood Rd., Kennett Square, PA 19348

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    Immerse yourself in the dazzling artistry and infinite imagination of artist Bruce Munro as he returns to Longwood 10 years after his debut exhibition in our Gardens to present Light: Installations by Bruce Munro.

    Light is an entirely new, breathtaking exhibition with eight installations spanning Longwood’s indoor spaces and outdoor vistas.

    —Along the pathway near our Large and Small Lake, the luminous Field of Light features 18,000 illuminated bulbs stretching across the landscape and immersing those along the pathway

    —Near the Meadow Garden, our Orchard landscape is transformed with SOS, complete with 162 gabion baskets with pulses and streams of light and sound, all to the tune of an old radio, snippets of sound, and music emerging from static fuzz, and punctuated with Morse code

    —With Gone Fishing, three 15-foot diameter structures, each formed using 100 fishing rods on illuminated etched discs, cast a beautiful reflection upon the still surface of our Small Lake

    —A 20-foot convex dome formed by 37 stainless steel lilies shimmers with radial starbursts of light at the bench near Paulownia Allée with Time & Again

    —A flamboyance of 1,000 flamingoes wade in the Pear-Shaped Basin near the Chimes Tower with Ramandu’s Table, complete with a projected array of changing dawn hues

    —In the East Conservatory, Green Flash is a monumental three-and-a-half-meter geodesic sphere of 1,820 bottles—each filled with a single fiber optic cable—that slowly morphs through the colors of a rising and setting sun, with momentary flashes of green

    —An immersive sensory environment inspired by our water gardens awaits in our Exhibition Hall with C-scales; overhead projectors cast a film sequence across a vast shimmering lake of 8,960 CDs, while surrounding sounds help provide an all-encompassing, painterly effect

    —The Music Room hosts the Time & Place series, where each Longwood-inspired artwork reinterprets moments in time, distilled and represented as abstractions

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