Hot Jam at Center for Creative Arts

September 21, 2019

410 Upper Snuff Mill Row, Yorklyn, DE 19736

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    The Center for Creative Arts and Dew Point Brewing Company are hosting Hot Jam 2019: A Celebration of Local Music and Woodstock. This musical festival features three outdoor stages--two at CCArts and one at Dew Point--and 21 local musical acts. Talent includes Earth Radio, Motion the Gates, Reverse Giraffe, Evergo, Bayrides, Haha Charade, Red Bullet, Valhalla Rising, J. Christian, Caitlin Marsilii, Jet Ski, Less than Five, Another Lonely Friday, Captains Daughter, Michael Hahn, Dri Rain, Trini, Aberrant Light, The Pyschedelic Puppets, MEGA-Man, and Shotgun Willie.

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