Girls’ Weekend

2/22/2019, 2/23/2019, 2/24/2019, 2/28/2019, 3/1/2019, 3/2/2019

27 N. Chapel St., Newark, DE 19711

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    In this lightning-quick farce, four women travel to Dot’s Northwoods cabin to consume copious amounts of wine and chat about their book club’s latest selection. However, after the third case of wine comes through the door, it is clear there will be more stewing than reviewing. Carol, who is monitoring her temperature for the best “window of opportunity” to get pregnant, gets a ride to the cabin from her husband Rick, and then calls him back when she discovers the time is right. She sends him to hide out in a shed until she can send a special porch light signal to sneak him in for a quick tryst. Meg is having a secret affair with Dot’s son, only to find he has shown up at the cabin unexpectedly. She sends him to hide in the boathouse until he sees her special porch light signal that the coast is clear to join her. Ellie, Meg’s daughter, meets a young townie and invites him to hide in the barn until he sees her porch light signal that the coast is clear to sneak her out to a local bar. The madcap door-slamming chaos comes to a head when Dot discovers her Girl’s Weekend is full of men.

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