Flint Woods Forests and Meadows Hike ~ Flint Woods Preserve

October 13, 2022

350 Twaddell Mill Rd, Wilmington, DE 19807

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    Enjoy a naturalist walk through the old-growth forest and beautifully managed meadows of Flint Woods Preserve.  Identify migrant birds, large trees, lingering insects, and plants beginning to go into their dormant state.  Some trees and shrubs might also be changing colors at this time.  Director of Land and Biodiversity, Jim White, will lead the walk, and will talk about some conservation history of the preserve, uncommon flora and fauna that utilize the property, and what Delaware Nature Society does to ecologically manage the property.  The walk will be about 2-miles, and you'll walk trails that traverse a good portion of the property at a beautiful time of year. Led by Jim White.

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