Enjoying Winter Birds ~ Virtual and Field Trip

1/5/2023, 1/7/2023

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    Learn about birds in winter, how they deal with cold weather, and go out to find a variety of species on a field trip for people new to birds and birding.  Features a Zoom lecture , Jan. 5, with a field trip following, Jan. 7.  The field trip will feature a guided experience at the Ashland Bird Blind, a walk of Coverdale Farm Preserve to see overwintering species, and a search for owls that might be found roosting during the daytime. We will look for raptors overhead, practice some identification techniques, and try to get good views of species in open meadow areas of the Coverdale Farm Preserve meadow restoration sites. Led by Ian Stewart.

    Zoom meeting invitations and field trip information will be sent to you in the few days prior to the meeting dates.

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