Build a Bat Bungalow

February 8, 2020

800 Carr Rd., Wilmington, DE 19809

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    We LOVE bats! They eat beetles, moths, and most importantly, MOSQUITOES! Pesky, pesky mosquitoes.

    During this program, we will be providing them with new homes! We'll provide the materials and tools, you just need to show up with some crafty hands, because you will be building your very own bat house! Of course, you get to keep it, so mounting instructions will be included with every house. These fresh, clean houses will help  rebuild a depleting bat population. White Nose Syndrome has affected them greatly, and continues to, so we're doing our part to help them stay alive.

    Registration is required. Visit or call our front office at (302) 761-6963. There are only 10 houses available. The first time slot is 1:00 PM; the second is 1:30 PM and there will be five houses for each time slot.

    DISCLAIMER: This does involve using power tools.

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