The Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau is here to help you discover everything you’re looking for in Wilmington, Delaware and the Brandywine Valley. If at any time we can help you with plans to visit the area, hold an event, plan your dream wedding – or even if you’re just passing through looking for a place to eat – please let us know how we can be of service.


  • Photo of Jennifer Arrigo

    Jennifer Arrigo

    Tourism Sales Manager
    P: (302)295-2226
  • Photo of Diane Angeline

    Diane Angeline

    Director of Community & Member Relations
    P: (302)295-2215
  • Photo of  Jessica Bittmann, CMP

    Jessica Bittmann, CMP

    Director of Sales
    P: (302)295-2213
  • Photo of  Scott B. Ciancio

    Scott B. Ciancio

    Director of Marketing
    P: (302)295-2217
  • Photo of  Lyn Lewis

    Lyn Lewis

    Director of Communications & PR
    P: (302)295-2212
  • Photo of Ella V. McDougall

    Ella V. McDougall

    Membership Assistant
    P: (302)295-2223
  • Photo of Sarah Willoughby, CTP, CTIS

    Sarah Willoughby, CTP, CTIS

    Executive Director
    P: (302)295-2216