Located in the Wilmington Riverfront neighborhood, the Delaware Contemporary is known for combining the creativity of our community with contemporary art. They strive to hone in on that sense of community by supporting local artists while working in tandem with regional, national and international organizations, as well as artists,  to make a true impact in the community.   And two new amazing exhibits coming this spring shows they have done it again. 

The Fire Theft

Group Exhibition
Curated by Roderick Hidalgo, RH Gallery, Hockessin
April 5 - 26, 2019
DuPont II Gallery
Opening Reception:
Friday, April 5, 2019
5 - 9 PM during the first Friday Art loop

In this exhibit Roderick Hidalgo brings together eleven local artists who explore the broad scope of human emotions through paintings, sculptures, glass, mixed media and drawing. The Fire Theft myth has many versions, one of which Hidalgo selected as his own inspiration for his portion of the exhibit. Each of his prodigies have taken on the challenge that is “Fire Theft” in this mythological portrayal through their own form of art.

Arthur Brouthers uses acrylic and resin paintings.

Mark Eastman creates his sculptures by imploding Borosilicate material.

Claes Gabriel works beyond the flat substrate to stretch canvases over wooden armatures that stand as masks, sculptures, or vessels.

John Gibbons manipulates plaster and other mediums.

David Gillespie depicts reality by breaking down form.

Darla Jackson's representational animal sculptures explore human emotion through anthropomorphism.

Katheryn Kincaid's rich variations of color and dramatic contrasts are rooted in the Dutch 17th century tradition of expression and purity of observation.

Michele Kishita uses colors found in nature.

Ekaterina Popova's paintings depict rooms set close to the picture plane to provide the viewer an immediate access to her intimate scenes.

Jonathan Schoff elevates the art of drawing and extracting the beauty of nature.

Joey Stupor creates "paracosms" using acrylic paint and resin.

In conjunction with The Fire Theft exhibit comes Hidalgo’s own exhibition, Blackout.  He constructs this experience for the visitor to see textures, objects, and structures for one to relate to their own core values.  Through this exhibit he hopes to connect us all. As you absorb his collection the real world falls away.


Roderick Hidalgo, RH Gallery
April 5 - 26, 2019
DuPont I Gallery
Opening Reception:
Friday, April 5, 2019
5 - 9 PM during the first Friday Art loop


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