Q. What's the best time of year to visit Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley?
A. Many would say the spring, when our gardens are in bloom. But there are others who come for the fall harvest, when colors change and cider donuts are in season. If you're here during the summer, you'll have a chance to attend one of our many outdoor festivals (like the nationally recognized Rockwood Ice Cream Festival), and the holiday lights of Longwood are a must in the winter.

Q. OK, but what's really the best time?
A. Weekends. If you're staying in Wilmington, hotel rates are often cheaper on Friday and Saturday nights, making it a great town to use as home base for a weekend getaway. There's an advantage to being the "Corporate Capital of America" - when business travellers go home, hotel rates go down with them.

Q. Is Delaware really tax free?
A. There's no sales tax in Delaware - not on food, not on clothes, not in restaurants, not on vehicles. That said, we're not a completely tax-free state. There is an income tax on residents, and homeowners pay property taxes - though we do enjoy some of the lowest real estate taxes in the region.

Q. Are there discounts for visiting multiple attractions?
A. There sure is! The Brandywine Treasure Trail Passport provides admission to 11 must-see sights in the Brandywine Valley between Memorial Day and Labor Day: Brandywine River Museum of Art, Delaware Art Museum, Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, Delaware Historical Society, Delaware Museum of Natural History, Hagley Museum and Library, Longwood Gardens, Mt. Cuba Center, Nemours Mansion & Gardens, Rockwood Mansion & Park and Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library. A family of five (two adults, three children) can get a pass for just $95. That's a huge savings.

Q. How do you pronounce Newark?
A. With two syllables, emphasis on the first, like it's Noah's second ship: "NEW-ark." This sets Newark, Delaware apart from its bigger cousin to the north, Newark ("Nerk" or "NEW-irk"), New Jersey.

Q. OK, how about Hockessin?
A. Emphasis on the first syllable with a long "O" sound: HOE-kess-in.

Q. What's up with the guy on the horse?
A. That would be Caesar Rodney, the Revolutionary-era lawyer who rode through thunder and rain to break a deadlock at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, allowing Delaware to vote for independence. He's the namesake for Wilmington's Rodney Square, the star of our state quarter, and a frequent emblem used around the city.

Q. Christina or Christiana. Which is it?
A. It's both. Christina is the river. Christiana is the mall. Christina is the school district. Christiana is the hospital. The spelling changed back and forth whether the Dutch or the English were in charge in pre-Revolution days - and both survive to this day.